Automated Gmail Account creator

Well I read this story sometime back I thought it was some sort of rumor. But it seems that the software is now available to the general public via the . Heres the page which has the complete application which can create gmail accounts for you in a jiffy. Though I am not sure of reliability of this app because I dare not install apps from such location for the fear of malwares and rootkits. After this report I dont trust my anti-virus to be of any help in identifying these. I would not recommend you to use it either. Here is what the application claims to do.

  • Create Unlimited Gmail Accounts in Seconds Flat.
  • Setup Auto-Responder automatically!
  • Setup Forwarding automatically!
  • Use random or custom names!
  • Enable POP3 automatically!
  • Proxy support: HTTP/SOCKS4/SOCKS5
  • Multiple exporting options!
  • Automatic self-updating software!

From the image its clear that you can either create a single gmail account or a number of them with letters or numbers appended to the string provided by you. It also has the multi-threaded option wherein multiple threads are used to create gmail accounts for you. 

If this app is working, then Google and others should be ready to face the flood. Seems like dooms day warning for google I just wonder, what if gmail crashed the way twitter database has. Scary thought Nailbiting


Anonymous said…
hey that photo point to something else. No screen shot of the software ?
100rabh™ said…
oops.....corrected it now :-)

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