Manoranjan Unlimited -- Baap of WWE is here

Now if someone says I am proved wrong then buddy you need to look here and here. What the heck is it man. Isnt it what WWE is all about. After all its about entertainment. Stupid entertainment. You play with feelings and generate regionalism and hatred. Is it what entertainment is all about. What ever happened to cricket. I had initially surmised that all the entertainment would there due to SRK and Priety being around. But as it turns out Ganguly, Warne, Harbhajan and Sreesanth are not bad.

To me it sounds more like those Rs20 per over games which are there at a lot of places where you can go and hit the ball as hard as you can. Stupid junta will watch anything. Since the organisers did not have faith in the stupidity of the Indian Junta, they got themselves skimpily clad cheerleaders who would entertain the crowd with their moves. Wow  now that something I would pay anything for. After all staring/glancing/X-Raying females is the national passtime of India. The lesser the clothes, the better it is. After all Kareena, Katrina, Rakhi Sawant et al are earning moolahs because of that. Now besides movies and stage shows they have the IPL. Haven't u seen those Women's WWE bouts. It all about showing your body and bust than anything else. Seems like something similar here. Great job Mr Sharad Pawar.

Whatever happened to promoting new players, havnt seen that happen yet. The game is still dominated by the oldies and the Aussies. Where the hell is the new talent. Is India facing a talent crunch. I dont know.

Anyways kick the crass....hit the ball....its a six....who cares....End of post.


100rabh™ said…
I am glad you said that....but please be specific on why you think it to be would surely make me better informed if not anything else :-)

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