Things I would like in my next Browser upgrade

Well there has been a lot hoola hoo over the recent releases of Firefox and Opera. But here are certain things that still suck and would like them to be removed.

1. Better plugins and make them such that they dont hang that tab or window.

2. Download accelerator be integrated in the download manager of the browser itself. Hardly makes sense keeping them dumb.

3. Super fast start is not possible for various technical reasons but a preloader program would definitely be kind of must have.

4. Get more screen real estate to the page and make rest of the things like toolbar, menubar and optionally even status bar visible on a need basis like the playbar in video players in full screen mode.

5. Subscribing to an RSS feed to Google Reader or iGoogle is  a dumb two step process now. Google Reader or iGoogle be made two different options.

6. Tabs must have a 3D effect or something really cool. Switching like pages is so yesterday.

7. Make download dialog unobtrusive. Make it something like the "Remember Password" dialog in Firefox

8. With so much of flash everywhere, instead of having Flash as a plugin, put that into the browser render like JavaScript. Probably that will improve responsiveness.

9. A whitelist for all generally used financial sites. An unobtrusive signal to the user when he goes to a whitelisted site. Multiple sources for whitelist so that bringing one down does not work out well. Obviously an option to add new to your own is definite yes yes.

10. Finally last but not the least...can someone design better icons and theme for Firefox on WinXP. I am feeling a little too bored with whatever is there currently


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