Aamir Khan - The loser

For those who do not follow news or anything let me point you to his blog. First of all he has this terrible Web 0.0 type of blog which basically sucks. Add a dash of the usual dramatics and you have a super blog. Super not because its good or thoughts are good but there a fan following of his. Thats the only reason I could see why anyone would follow his life force sucking blog. I had great respect for this guy until he wrote this post. I thought he was different when he came in support of the Narmada Bachao Andolan. He was very right. But now he has made monstrous decision. HE HAS DECIDED TO GO AHEAD WITH OLYMPICS TORCH RELAY. Wow when the world realizes to protest something we have a supporter in India other than the spineless mindless communists. I was rather happy with BJP in this regard, at least they showed some spine.

Lets examine some of the finer points which Mr Khan had to make.

I would like to state that I have the highest regard and respect for the struggle that the people of Tibet are going through. I completely empathize with them. Similarly, I have the highest respect and regard for the struggle that the people of Iraq, Kashmiri Pundits who have been displaced, Kashmiris in general, and the people of Palestine, are going through. I have named above just a few instances of human rights violations. Across the world, and indeed within our own country too, there are several instances and examples of atrocities and human rights violation, which are still continuing. I

With due regards Mr Khan I feel u should promote the next Olympics to be held in North Korea. Obviously there are so less places on earth. Mind it there is a big difference between the India and China. For starters the absolute rule is not there. There is something called the Courts and media which is thankfully very active. I thank God for not letting India go the communist way. It saved us from becoming slaves to Communist Brigade of India. At least we are allowed to speak, think and do as we please provided others are not offended. There is a big difference between China and other places on Earth. I am sure u dont realize it at all.

However, I feel that the Olympic Games do not belong to China.
In fact if we were to try and find on this planet a place to hold the Olympic Games where the government of that place has not been responsible for human rights violations (in one way or the other), then I suspect that we would be left with very few options, if any at all. If I am not mistaken almost all societies have been responsible for human rights violation either directly or indirectly, sometimes in seen ways and sometimes in unseen ways, sometimes physically, sometimes economically.

Sure Sir Olympics do not belong to China but we must protest and highlight the cause of Tibetians. Good way of justifying thinks, often the way Mr Singh does for his colleagues who are involved in scandals. The problem is not with violation, but the problem is in not resolving the problems. Controlling thought, action and restricting people physically does make a offence of human rights violations several times greater in magnitude. By support the event to happen in China, you are committing an offence no lesser than the Chinese government itself.

The Olympic Games represent for me the coming together of different people across the world despite their differences and difficulties. It is an opportunity for sportsmen and women across the world to showcase their talent, to challenge themselves and others, and for others to watch and marvel at the achievements of the human body, mind and soul.

Yes it is but when the organizers disallow the voice of the people, where is the moral right of the same. Its like having an Olympics while Hitler was at war. Oppressing and killing the innocent Jews.

I request those of you who have asked me to stay away from the Olympic Torch Relay to understand that when I do run with the torch on the 17th of April it is not in support of China. In fact it will be with a prayer in my heart for the people of Tibet, and indeed for all people across the world who are victims of human rights violations.

I am sorry Mr Khan but technically u have surrendered to the killer Chinese Commies. May the soul of peaceful protestors of Tibet rest in peace. I dont expect much from you anymore. I would surely do my part by boycotting all events related to Olympics and Mr Khan you too. I know I may miss some of the good movies coming out of Bollywood but then I do not mind. May the limelight of running with the Olympics Torch shine on you. May the Tibetans get the freedom they deserve. May Dalai Lama dont get insulted by coarse words and lies of the Chinese Administration. May world be a happy place.


Anyways I plan to boycott all sponsors of this Olympics.


Sukumar said…
Dude... with this post, u've irked the likes of Sanjukta who is a very BIG fan of Aamir...

The points that you make are right.. but I don't think that we can make any kind of an impact on this issue by boycotting the sponsors.

It has been clearly mentioned in historical books that it was due to Nehru's Indi-chini bhai bhai policy that Tibet was given to the chinese who have even taken over a bit of Kashmir (Near the Siachen Glacier of Leh!)

Let the games happen, just by boycotting the run with the torch, we cannot disrupt the games from happening. There are always better ways to protest against Human Rights Violations by various countries than by boycotting an event as mega as the Olympic Games.
100rabh™ said…
'Boycotting is a symbol....a symbol by itself is nothing....but with enough people'

I quote the above from 'V For Vendetta' for people who underestimate the power of symbol must be reminded of Mahatma Gandhi and his symbolic fight against the British. It was not a war with weapons but with symbols. But people like Saif and Aamir have sold themselves out to companies like Coke and Lenovo. So they should no more be considered heroes like they are.
Sohny said…
I rather support the Tibetan in this matter.... strike while the Iron is hot...

Boycotting the torch relay would have sent a huge message to the world & the Chinese government that how much support the Tibetans

Instead showing the proverbial "Dog with the tail in the groove" attitude is like giving china want it wants..

I am sure he (Aamir) didn't run in the torch relay either for the Olympic Games or the Tibetans... He ran just for his own publicity.. which ofcourse comes free for him

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