Welcome to the localized version of WWE, IPL

Well IPL is finally there. It has all the common ingredients required for a bollywood blockbuster. It has the best of bollywood stars Shahrukh Khan and the lovely Priety Zinta. There are a lot of financial muscle behind it too. You have best of the class cricketers who were auctioned off just like some antique. Some getting a price beyond expectations and some just getting selected. The current controversy in Australia has anything to go by then we can expect fireworks in IPL. Just like WWF you have two men engaged in a personal fight initially and then getting onto the ring. I dont expect anything else out of IPL. I think these guys should do some more preparation to make a Rocky kind of atmosphere. The underdog will go down in the first round and then spring back to end the game in a win. There would be mics everywhere to record what any of the player says on or off the ground. 24hr Reality TV format would be even better. All this would surely add to the entertainment value. Viewer would personally get involved in all the so called sledging. Wow so much excitement I would really die.


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