Barcamp Bangalore - A new experiment

There is surely something about Barcamp Bangalore. It keeps on changing. The people driving it are always changing. Newer ideas keep pouring in. Discussion on those keep on happening. There are people who are always whining about things that are not right in Barcamp. Well the only thing I can say after meeting the guys working behind Barcamp Bangalore is that they are very open to ideas. But then some people are always there to complain. Probably thats a property(I am getting geeky nowadays) we inherit as Indians? That question mark is there because I am not sure.

But the fact remains we have people coming in who are there because they like this kind of an event. They have an idea on how it should be done. So whats new in this barcamp? well as I read from the mail Akash to BCB Mailing list, the Barcamp Bangalore wiki is open for all. There are no registrations. Only way you can register is by either being a speaker, volunteer or letting other know in specific, what u want to know about. Seems like an interesting way of avoiding show poopers(I dont know what that means but I hope u understood what I meant).

The venue too is open if anyone is ready to suggest a place which can fulfill the following criteria

Minimum Requirements for the venue
Should be able to accommodate at least 400 people.
Facility for breakfast, lunch, coffee
4-5 rooms with capacity to seat at least 50
Wifi access for Internet
Person introducing the venue will have to coordinate and ensure the requirements are met.

If you know of any such place you are open to suggest that place. I wonder where else other than IIM-B.

There are no Collectives. Now this is something which gives relief to a lot of ppl who hated it. I am still not sure how things will work out considering that I expect Collective to be a good thing which allows me to know which of the rooms are there where I can expect to get some thoughts on what I like. Also there is no overlap in the topic which interests me most. I am not sure who this thing will be taken care of now. I expect a lot of ppl to be unhappy with this arrangement too. Come to think of it. Is there anything in this world to which each and every human being would say, yes this is right.

Now whats there for me in this barcamp. Well I am truly frustrated by the fact that there are no good Blogging tools available. The thing that comes nearest to it is the Windows Live Writer. I hope I can meet some ppl and brainstorm with them to build a cool tool to blog.


Link to Barcamp Bangalore :=


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