iCamp, Devcamp, Barcamp - Bangalore Campified

Well as I have been observing Camps happening all the time. Its like they are happening dime a dozen. We had Barcamp Bangalore. DCamp Bangalore was introduced later. Kamp was one more even to add to the list. Then suddenly some techies join forces for Devcamp. Now I see iCamp(Innovation Camp) in sight. Cool stuff happening. But then isn't it a little too much. Actually to come to think of it. Most of those are in their first inning. I wish they go into their centennial editions.

Infact India need more of these camps. The camp phenomenon has hit the Kashmir Valley too. So the fever is finally catching on. I really loved the discussion at Devcamp which talked about a lot things. Most make no sense to me but some did. I am sure there were other who took home more than what I did. I heard there is this OSSCamp which also happens regularly in Delhi atleast. So its clear that Barcamp fever has gripped India big time. So what next.

Well next step is converting this movement into action. India lags big time in FOSS. But with the people power it has, I am sure it can make a bigger impact. These camps serve as seeds for people to meet and exchange ideas. Surly sooner or later some of these meetings between people with spur out something that will drastically impact existing technology. Infact what I feel is still missing. Most of these camps are once, twice or say trice a year. But what we need is some platform where people meet on a fortnightly or monthly basis. Discuss out their ideas. May even work towards some common goal. That sort of platform is there for enterpreurs in OCC but not for developers. I wish if someone could start. I think all thats needed is some people who are really into development for passion and some resources like space, board and may be a projector. What I am still not sure of is, will the developer community actively take part in it?


Anonymous said…
Hi. Thanks for participating in the Bangalore bloggers meet scheduled for tomorrow, Feb 16. I would like to confirm your participation and I am looking forward to meeting you in person and other bloggers as well. As of now 50+ bloggers have confirmed their participation. Email me at anwin.at.anw.in or call me on 9880518019 for anything regarding the bloggers meet.

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