Expect all days of the week blocked

Well it all started with a small revolution called Mobile Monday, Bangalore. It was an initiative of some minds behind the mobile technology in Bangalore(Keshav, S R Raja, Rajan & Rajiv). It was actually a success.

The reason behind the success of the Mobile Monday has been its unique concept. The community meets every 3rd Monday of the month. They have a set agenda and people with passion. So much so that many communities in Bangalore are planning to adopt a similar approach. Like all good things he success of this has lead into a next step, which make use of Saturday. Now what rhymes best with Saturday, well one of thing is Startup. So here we have Startup Saturday. An interesting concept building momentum. What I expect next is the following, Testers Tuesday, Web Wednesday, UX Thursdays, FOSS Friday, Startup Saturday and finally Sleepy Sunday. Guys at least Sunday deserves a break :-)

Anyways I dont see this thing not materializing. For a very simple reason, the community is Bangalore is strong and growing. Each one of community has a lot of share and work with. Probably building this sort of a community is the first step towards making a Google, Yahoo and hopefully not MS :-P When people meet, they think twice as much. This is what will seed innovation and surely take the Indian IT to the next level.


are u the 100rab from Orkut?One wonders if u r the one from chandigarh and IPCM...
100rabh™ said…
Nope....I am 100rabh from Bangalore

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