Devcamp Bangalore - A Hit

Devamp Bangalore happened yesterday and I was there to witness the event. It was a real cool place to be in first place. A real gathering of geeks. You could hear people talking passionately about the semantic web, AIR, mobile technologies, JSON and many others. You could see ppl blogging or working with their laptop. It turned out to be a wonderful event. I had shortlisted 5 sessions to watch out for, and I am happy that out of those 2 were really cool, Microformats and Semantic Web and Clutter.

Microformats and Semantic Web talked about poshzone, which is an acronym for Plain Old Simple HTML zone. More details here.

Clutter is a new Library which is a wrapper around OpenGL and OpenGL ES. It allows you to do the same cool stuff with a lot smaller code that you could achieve by coding endlessly in OpenGL. Its a new thing which is coming up and we should collaborate and work on developing it further. The best part is that it can run on the mobile platforms as well. Another cool thing is that you super cool graphics card can be used to generate an equally cool UI for you desktop application. I am looking at it being a hit in the coming years. I wish I could contribute to it as well. But I am not sure of it.

Other than these two all other session that I attended were actually Hello world types and some were pitching in for their product. One guy from tring me even said that he cannot explain how his system works in 30mins. Awful.

Unfortunately Martin Fowler's session I could not attend and am not sure if he took any. If you know of it let me know some info on what he talked about. Anyways congrats to Sidu and Keshav who got together to organize this event.


Ravi said…
Martin didn't conduct a session. He said he didn't want a "firang" (his words not mine!) to dominate the proceedings and that he would just listen to various sessions.

Just FYI. You didn't miss anything!

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