Bug in Google Reader

google reader bug3

I have been a big fan of Google Reader even since it was launched. Its a cool application for news reading if you really love the gmail interface. Anyways some time back Google guys updated it. And from then I can see this awesome bug(Click on the image to see full sized one). Well actually what happened was that I had left google reader open for some time. Later when I came and finished what all was there and marking the uninteresting ones as read, I saw this popup. I had some 39 items only open(Look at the text bound by green lines at the bottom right of the image) but when I said Mark All as Read, I wanted to mark all 557 item(Not in the pane but updated ones) as read.Boy I got frustrated at this point. But I said Cancel, Refreshed the whole page and went through all those news which I did not find interesting enough to read. Finally I did Mark All as Read. Later I realised that even if I had done OK instead of Cancel, it would have worked and only those 39 items would have had been marked as read and not 557 as indicated. I hope those guys fix this bug atleast early. A very stupid one actually. Being a developer I just tried to imagine what might have happened. There must be two variables for total number of items, One which is being shown at the bottom of the screen and the other total(elsewhere). Why have they not used the one at the bottom of the screen, well that always does not have to hold total items, sometimes it holds values like 'XX items loaded.." or "loading next XX items". So the developer like me(sometimes :-P) tried to make use of a single variable which would hold the value of total number of items. This values goes wrong in the case which I just described above. Now that I have come up with the reason for the problem I hope these guys will fix it fast. And hey if u guys at google want to know the solution also then I am ready to help you as a consultant for a really fat fee {Big Grin}.


Anonymous said…
I will try it out and let you know if its the same here...
write a mail to google as well

and please shift to wordpress

Anonymous said…
nice find, stumbled the post
100rabh™ said…

Thanks. I really dont find any problem as such with blogger :-)

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