Yet another research which just.........

Each researcher come up with an amazing new theory and I can do anything but..... you know what. I am talking about yet another research which talks about internet addiction. Its just stupid to say things like this. I wonder if television, phone and breathing also comes under the same category.

These guys say

"Internet addiction is not manifesting itself as an urge. It's more than that. It's a deep craving. They (the addicts) are just like anyone else who is addicted to coffee, exercise, or talking on their cellular phone"

This supposed to be a big research. Something like telling you need to breadth else you will die. If someone is just crazy to talk all the time with someone, is that addiction. I think these researchers are really poor at English like me {Tongue}. Please suggest some better word than addiction to these guys.

I dont know this research been conducted by whom or whatever but one thing is sure, research like these can be no value. Its like saying your love to see your wife or gf everyday is a pathological condition. Crazy isnt it.

God help me I am addicted to checking mail, blogging and orkutting.


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