Is there a righteous voice left in India

I really felt pained when I browsed through the forums at and These are forums which are below each news topic. I felt there are only two kinds of people out there. One who hate Narendra Modi for all reasons known and unknown and others who loved him for reasons all known and unknown. Now what pains me is that instead trying to point that the opposition(Congress) is doing good work for farmers and all in other states like Maharashtra and AP(Well this indeed is with a lot of sarcasm). They are only trying to justify that Narendra Modi is a killer. Bloody hell if he is a killer, he is dangerous, what the hell is a central government there for. But then they are all sayers and never the doers. Unlike Modi who actually does something and talks a lot about other things. He does not clearly made a pro cotton farmer policy(Read here). But sadly Congress feels its unnecessary to make its something of an issue. Instead it tried to make use of the standard Communal-Secular rhetoric and Mr Modi is all too comfortable talking on those lines. I really wont be surprised to see him coming back to power. He has Gujrat Asmita as his trump card to keep off all the dirt and mud Congress is trying to splash on him. Instead he got them on the wrong foot with Afzal Guru. Now even I think that he is probably kept alive so that the terrorists would kidnap some innocent Indians and make sure that he is released in return. Then everyone will be happy. {Sad}


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