Vista is less pirated, should Microsoft rejoice or worry

According to this story by Engadget, the rate of piracy of Vista is half of XP. Now should MS be happy about. After all piracy is low. But are they overlooking the fact that people hate Vista even if its free or at real dirt cheap prices. There have been several instances where people have downgraded their system to XP instead of the standard Vista. If the kind of hard selling that they are doing, I feel they are pretty much aware of the fact that people just dont trust Windows Vista. The acceptance level has reached a new low. The only way for them to outsell is to make their earlier product look bad. But then why would not they believe that the competitor (Linux and Mac) would not be dubbed as better creations. I really dont know if Vista is all that bad. I am happy with XP provided by office. I plan not to shift to Vista, unless forced. So the big question is, would you shift to Vista, even if it were to be free?


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