Out of the world job offer from Google

I just happened to chance upon this amazing job offer from Google. Its a really out of the world offer. Guys if you are really interested real hard core technology development related activities, please read through. It may be once in a life time chance. The best part is that its open to all and the location is onsite, on Moon. I just cant imagine the pay package of Google, plus onsite fees. Probably if you thought onsite chance from an Indian Services company can do you good for a couple of years, well with Google it might be what you need in this lifetime, unless of course there are some people who are working to prolong your life(Read here) . But then, thats always a possibility. Anyways, the fact is, work is going to be a really challenging one. You will be doing some hardcore research and development work, including but not limited to, algorithm development, page rank optimizations and newer web related technologies. So what are you waiting for, jump on guys.

Some additional information is here

This one is about the Spaceship creation competition http://www.googlelunarxprize.org/

This one is about securing the NASA runway http://www.nytimes.com/2007/09/13/technology/13google.html

This one is about what to expect at the interview at Google http://www.randomperspective.com/page.asp?1news/2/091 

PS: I am not applying because I am really like to be down to earth {Happy}


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