Yeh india ka naatak hain bhidu

Well I dont know if accidentally I had made some correct statements in this post about sikhs. I was so sure that it had no intellectual value but then I read this story. So here its says that Mr Anil Ambani is at fault for 'allegedly' circulating derogatory jokes against the Sikh community through its mobile Internet services. The masterminds again are from Lucknow, Lucknow Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee(LGPC). Seems like Lucknow is fast turning hub for all kinds of religious intolerance and communalism.

I would like the LGPC people to first read the classics by Khushwant Singh. His jokes are the best of their kind. He is one guy which really made the sardar jokes reach out to the market. Then came the MTV and Mr Cyrus Bakara. They took these jokes to the masses. Each one of the young generation waited to hear these jokes. The final death nail was the Great Indian Laughter Challenge and Great Indian Comedy Show. Both of them literally taking humor and sardars to new heights. The Great Indian Sardar, Mr Sidhuji listening and enjoying the entire performance. 'N' times Johny Liver has made fun of Sardars by acting as one in many movies including the 'Raja Hindustani'.

But still the LGPC filed the case against Mr Ambani. Either they are stupid or this is a means of cheap publicity by Mr Ambani. Who the hell knows how to read a joke on a Reliance mobile. Who care untill you have friends who message you the jokes of all variety day in and out. With the Internet on the Reliance mobile running at blazing speeds of 56 bytes per second(No Spelling mistakes its 56 byes per second), how does anyone have patience to read a joke, let alone laugh at it? Another possibility is that this act of genius is due to the fact that when Reliance was launched initially, the RWorld was free service. Someone in LGPC took the pain to read the joke from there when it was free 3 years back, but understood it recently. Hence the case.

Out of this entire incident the only conclusion that I can make up is that either my 'Theory of Stupidity' is right or Mr Ambani is a smart guy. My 2 cents on the second option. Where do you put yours?


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