The pain of December 6, 1992

I remember the day this thing happened. I was a kid at that time. When I heard of the Babri Masjid being demolished, some how my first reaction was not that of fear or disappointment but that of happiness. That feeling came to me instinctively. As a kid I did things on instinct and not with any logic or thought. It was more so because I had seen the video of the then video cassette based news channels Newtrack and Eyewitness. They were of the brutal killing of several innocent men, women and children during the first attempt a couple of years ago in 1990. I felt that something has been done to attack the system back which killed several innocents. It was a defeat for the Mulayam Singh who had then sided with the muslims and had done a massacre of Hindus in 1990.

But now fifteen years later I feel different. There is remorse over killing of so many hindus as well as demolition of the mosque. But what's the way forward. You can get into an infinite loop of destroying and rebuilding temples and mosques. Let these politicians keep us fighting for ever. Or make a settlement. Lets leave whatever has been destroyed and things built on them as it is. Let the politicians be elected based on the work they have done for betterment of the society. And just dump those who utter the word religion or caste.

If you do not do this and say that you want to reclaim whatever has been replaced by the people. Then it will bring more pain. The only reason I see why you would like to do it is for your ego. And if you really think you are religious then destroy the ego first. I am sure no religion calls for ego. I don't know for sure but sooner or later, if the trend of destruction continues, there will be several Hindu temples in south which will be proved as being Jain initially (The Hindu newspaper has a story here) and would be appropriately reclaimed. But then all this hardly does anything for betterment of the society. Its better to build new rather than destroy existing and rebuilding. May good thought prevail.


PS: This post is there because of some useless organization putting up posters to revive the pain of Dec 6, 1992 in Bangalore.


Sohny said…
damn... Babri masjid..still simers huh?? I say demolish whole damn place & build some industries there.. tell those nandigram companies get over to ayodhya..
100rabh™ said…
I would say its best we have a community hospital of AIIMS grade there. Lets see who has the guts to demolish it.

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