Quota --- Do the ends really justify the means and vice versa

The true goal of the pro-quota politicians has been moved out of the cupboard by the senior advocate K Parasaran, appearing for the Tamilnadu Government. He made the true statement in court today. He said
"They (upper caste) dominated for centuries and now they should suffer"
Here comes the divide and rule policy of the pseudo-socialist politicians of India in full public view. Yes the Brahmins dominated the scene for centuries, now they should suffer. The cruel kings and nawabs must made to beg on the streets of India. They must realize that what they did was wrong. Bloody hell !! Ya thats the place from where you need to get these souls from on earth. What the fucking wrong did these young children do, that they should suffer. Gone are the days when the loan taken by a man continues to be paid by seven generations to come. Today a son is responsible for a loan taken by father. Well in true Deewar style I think I would like to tell Mr K Parasaran,
"Jao pehle us aadmi ko sazaa de kar aao jisne nawab ko goli maari,
Jao pehle us aadmi ko sazaa de aao jisne raja ke bete ka khoon kiya
Jao pehle us aadmi ko sazaa de aao jisne yeah mulk ko 200 saal tak gulam rakha
Phir tum jitna chahoge utni sazza tum upper caste walo ko de dena. "
Has this idiot forgotten the preamble of Indian Constitution which says that all Indians would be treated equally. No Indian is of the lesser kind. I think India first needs to get rid of people like Mr K Parasaran who is not Indian at heart. He has a casteist mentality and if people like these get into positions of power, India is pretty much doomed. I hope people take notice of this. There are angry protests on this issue. Finally this person is kicked out of his post and all quotas be changed from caste basis to need basis. Do you think I am wrong here?


Anonymous said…

I was also totally incensed by reading this news today. The statement by K. Parasaran clearly shows the motive behind the quotas - It is used as a tool of vengeance by politicians and means to divide and rule and not for the upliftment of weaker sections of people. Such brazen statements clearly show the arrogance of the people in power and I hope all sections of people pay attention to this.

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