I knew it...Bad Bosses always rock

I have read the Dilbert principle N times. And each time I have read it I have known that most profitable corporations are run not by the smartest of the people but rather the dumbest of the breed. The people who have no regard to others working under them. I have an experience of just 2 years but with added advantage of experience from Scott Adams (This link may not open as typepad is still banned by a few indian ISPs so use a proxy) via his Dilbert series of books, comics and not to mention his blogs, I consider myself competent enough to make comments about it.

Say I give you this hypothetical situation where your boss is good enough to not bug you for anything at all irrespective of whether you do things right or wrong(I believe that everyone goes wrong at some point or the other). Would you do things with all that liberty that is given to your. Would you work your ass off and finish off the job, in process making some stupid mistakes(According to the Hypothesis of Scott Adams, we are all idiots at different points in time, hence we will make mistakes). Or would you just relax and enjoy life. Working just enough to keep things moving and making sure you make no mistakes at all. Actually no work means no mistakes also.

Now lets take another situation. Your boss is a bastard who is just sticking a rod up your ass all the time. In other words he is the true tyrannical boss. Now what would you do? Will you just hurry up, be on your toes trying to keep up with the job. Trying not to look unproductive or sitting on your ass. Making sure all assignments are done well before the deadline even after knowing that the boss is going to change everything that you have done. Even if that means just changing smart quotes to plain quotes(read as dumb quotes). He would still not give you credit for your work instead buzz you off. Will you still try to work hard or just still on your lazy chair with a noise and abuse filter implanted in your ears. Well best thing you can do is be true to yourself while answering this.

I dont see any reason for the industry captains to get together to punish and replace the bad bosses, when the ones at the top are the ones who have been tyrannical all their life. Thats out right stupid. Why would they care about anything as long as the corporation is making good money. A manager who is keeping up with the competition and even leaving them behind, why will they kill such a good manager. They have no incentive and we all know, humans only respond to incentives.

For the poor workers like me , well the only thing you can do is to care less about those bastards and enjoy your life outside the 6x6 cube. Never bring work home. Working late in office sometimes is alright, but never at home. Work efficiently for all the time you are in office. Its good to be on time all the time. Last but most important thing is to take up a job that you love. Never ever work for money. Thats very important. But people in general never do that. Hence have fate less satisfying.


Puja said…
I like your concluding para.... "never bring work home, rarely stay back in office for more work" for obvious reasons... but whats really important is to do some work that you love and not really for money... coz in the end, when u have tons of money and no job satisfaction, you are anyways miserable!!!

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