Independence Day Special -- What Freedom means to me

I saw this particular article on which talks about people giving their own views about freedom. I know anyways my article is never going to be featured there. Let me put it right here at my own blog. To start from whats is freedom. To tell the truth I really dont know. To realize what freedom is, you must first be in a position to not have it. But thankfully I have been blessed with freedom. I was born in a free country. My parent gave me total freedom to do whatever I wished. I took up the profession of my choice. Unlike some of my compartiates who took a particular profession because they had no other choice or their parents forced them. I have been actually blessed. Now since I have very little idea to what freedom really is I dont really feel all that confidant about blabbing about it, although this blog is meant for that purpose only. But I feel that independence is about doing what you wish to but not hurting or pushing others behind for the want of your progress.
Probably in the pre 1947 era our ancestors struggled because there was a barrier for Indian to do everything. Indian were not allowed in certain coaches or clubs or schools. There was this British club which used to write, "Indians and Dogs not Allowed". Guess where racism has its roots. To say Indian community itself was not racist is not technically correct. They were not racist but castist. Same wine different bottle. After 60 years of political abolishment of all these practices, its sad to see that people are more inclined towards being a called of a certain caste than not. Caste culture has only been fueled further by the current Congress Government and Arjun Singh. Probably the same Congress which at one point in history wanted all Indians to move together is classifying people. The Gurjar violence is an offshoot of this seed of caste based reservation. Closest what I have come to not having freedom has been but for Reservation. Well, when I was in Engineering College and I paid close to 50k as fees because I could not get a rank good enough for free seat. But then I saw that I had a classmate who paid less than 10k. I used to reach college by bus while that fellow used to ride his car to college. He was definitely no more brilliant than me. Had a rank less than mine but still. Thats when I felt, Am I really blessed with freedom or is it that the illusion is strong enough to make me believe that I am independent.
I feel the real independence will come to Indian once we are banned from naming our caste etc. Until that goes on, Freedom is for sure not full. Incompetent people in postions of importance based on caste and creed will only lead to complex web of corruption. Well I hope soon India will be free of all this too.

In the end I would just like to say to all "Jai Hind."


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