Go Firefox go

I had put Google Analytics code on my site. I was just going through it and I found some amazing result. It was related to the Browser usage statistics. Here it is for you.

1. 50.79%
2. 44.13%
3. 2.22%
4. 1.59%
5. 0.63%
6. 0.32%
7. 0.32%

Amazing isnt it. Firefox users pip IE out of the top slot, as far as my blog is concerned. Well my blogs is not all that famous. It definitely has its own audience. In fact a large number of those are new for my site and are from India. And my audience is more inclined towards Firefox. I myself am a big Firefox fan. I run a fully loaded Firefox with something like 39 extensions installed. Now next time somebody says that IE has a larger share then my friend you may be right, but people who surf the net most prefer Firefox more, may be marginally more. I think these are the people who matter the most for advertisers. I believe this. I may be wrong. What do you say. I actually love this portable version of Firefox. List of my favorite extensions is here.

1. All-in-OneSidebar{0.7.1}
2. DailyDilbert{1.4}
3. DownThemAll{}
4. FEBE{5.0}
5. FireFTP{0.97.1}
6. FirefoxShowcase{}
7. FirefoxUniversalUploaderfireuploader{0.3.1}
8. ForecastfoxEnhanced{}
9. GoogleBrowserSync{1.3.20070523.0}
10. GoogleNotebook{}
11. Greasemonkey{0.7.20070607.0}
12. IETab{}
13. ImageToolbar{0.6.4}
14. ImageZoom{0.3}
15. Locationbar{0.9.1}
16. MRTechLocalInstall{}
17. MediaPlayerConnectivity{0.8.3}
18. MegauploadSX.3.2{3.2}
19. NoScript{}
20. OPMLSupport{1.3}
21. OpenSearchFox{}
22. QuizAddictsToolbar{2.1.7}
23. ReminderFox{1.4.1}
24. ScrapBook{}
25. Screengrab{0.93}
26. ScrollSearchEngines{0.5}
27. SecureLogin{}
28. Slashdotter{1.8.9}
29. StumbleUpon{3.06}
30. TabEffect{1.1}
31. TemporaryInbox{2.0.1}
32. TinyMenu{1.4.4}
33. UserAgentSwitcher{0.6.10}
34. VideoDownloader{1.1.1}
35. VideoDownload{2.0}
36. WebMailNotifier{1.0}
37. Zotero{1.0.0rc2}
38. httProxy{0.9.3}
39. searchOnTab{1.0.2}


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