And I thought Bar Camp was tech related

Well the first impression when you read the wiki about "Bar Camp", I thought it would be all technical with all the geeks talking of the WOW stuff. But as it turned out, it was not all that geeky. It was a whole lot of fun and extreme sporting involved too. There were collectives like
  1. UnBand Collective
  2. Gaming Collective
  3. Investor$ Collective
  4. Bicycling in Bangalore Collective
  5. Bored of Collectives Collective
  6. Psychics Collective
  7. Eating out in Bangalore Collective
  8. Weekend getaways collective
  9. Photo Collective
  10. Bloggers Collective
wow cannot call them technical, can you? Well obviously I could not attend all of those and I dont know if all of them took place in the first place. Let me tell you about some of the collectives that I did attend. Well first of all let me tell you about Bicycling in Bangalore. Well it was one of those fortunate collectives which did not get a room for good. It was held in the place where none could, it was in the corridor. It was just the right place for it. With the the bikes(as the biking enthusiasts like to call the bicycles). Well we had a person(sorry but I just dont remember the name), who cycles once a week to office. And his office is over 7km far. Well I could only say wow thats something. He got a cool bike for 5 and a half grands. And he actually uses it. Then I heard other going to office something like 5 to 17 km away. Man how do they manage in bangalore traffic. Its amazing to hear how do it. But my left eyebrow went up when Kiruba told that he used to do Bangalore-Chennai biking. Hmmmm but there was more to come with people going to North East for biking. That made the right eyebrow come up. Then was the turn of my mouth to hang down when I heard people have also done Chennai-Calcutta biking. Man this is unbeleiveable. Well until I had a look at his bike. It was made in US. It was nothing that could be found in India. It was truely awesome. Those guys are planning to do a Coorg trip in August. Best of times guys. I sure am no this much extreme guy. So guys techies are not supposed to be boring. Do you care to disagree?


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