Pleasure Blogging

I was really buoyed down by the plethora of gurus giving gyaan on blogging and how to make money out of it. I was mislead into all that. But all of late, actually during the christmas to new year period I realised why I was not having all the fun blogging. The result of the leave given by my company during that period was this presentation. Your comments will be appreciated.  The text of it is as follows

Classification of Blogs

Why Pleasure Blogging

  • No Reason at All
  • Just to let out your ideas
  • To share your knowledge
  • Let people know about something
  • Record your thoughts and idea
  • Publish your creative content

Take care

  • Write from your heart not mind
  • Write for yourself, never for others
  • Blog because you want your voice out
  • Be true to yourself, always
  • Never say something that you wont in person
  • Think thrice, type twice, publish once
  • Never write in state of anger, you may write something you will regret later
  • Let your creative self tell you when to write and what to write
  • Never try to be regular, just for the sake of it
  • Never care for advertisements and visibility, you might just be doing injustice to your creative self
  • Supporting something is always right, but flaming is not.
  • Comment moderation is good. But be prompt in replying
  • Repeating to bots is good, repeating to people is bad.
  • Promote but never push
  • If writing personal blog, revealing too much might be dangerous
  • Always being too late while writing columns might not find many takers
  • Copy pasting may get you posts but not readers
  • Original posts will always find takers
  • Never worry for reader, worry for content
  • Designing site is good, but keep readability in focus.
  • Keep page low on gadgets
  • Links to similar posts is good
  • Give your readers full feed rather than partial
  • Networking with fellow bloggers is good
  • Never give best link awards just because writer is your friend
  • Paid post are just for making money, turn pro for that
  • There are no bad good or bad blogs, just as people


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