Are autos on the way out??

With whatever details that I could make out of this news article, I can say that if anything changes, it will be the all too familiar site of the auto-rickshaw that we see plying on all Indian roads. I sure think this car would serve better than the ricks do on Indian roads. Please dont mistake me as saying the rickshaw drivers will be jobless. All I am saying is that these ricks will be replaced by Tata's Wondercar. Bajaj is making the smart move by getting into the same space because it probably sees its revenues too taking a hit. I am not sure if there will be hush to get this car by the dozens, but sure sounds better with 22kmpl than any upscale D/E or F segment cars with less than 10kmpl. I would be happy if people dump gas guzzlers for this Wondercar. Also if highly unsafe autos are replaced by this Wondercar.


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