Why Vodka?

One stupid and innovative Australian tried to commit suicide by drinking an antifreeze compound. Just as diamond is used to cut a diamond the doctors found the antidote in alcohol. Alcohol is an antifreeze {Happy}. But very soon the chemist was out of stock. So they used Vodka instead. 

This incident leaves me wondering, was vodka the fav of the gentleman in question or the doc, so that he could have some for free. Then again why not beer or rather Fosters(Oz for beer). Why not some good quality wine or a vintage whisky. After all wine, whisky and vodka all have same quantity of alcohol.

Another thought is that may be all this is a publicity stunt by the Vodka maker who are accumulating losses.

Is Vodka really cheap out there that the docs preferred vodka to anything else.

Whatever be the case one thing is for sure, that poor chap is going to have a real bad hangover. Where are the anti-hangover pill makers, you have a good customer here or may be a Model(provided he gets over the hangover).

Bottomline is "If you wanna die, dont drink vodka"


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