Planning towards Barcamp Bangalore 07 Winter Edition

Well the heads rolled this weekend again on what should be the Barcamp Bangalore 07 Winter Edition. A lot of hot debates and responsibilities being shared between people. Sponsorship, marketing, logistics etc being taken up. Besides these a few fundamental principles were formed for Barcamp Bangalore 07 Winter Edition.

Firstly Collective based approach was to be repeated. Yes there was a hot debate on it with people getting into each others point well. In the end it was decided to continue with the "Collectives" Experiment.

Second should we restrict Barcamp to Tech only. Last Barcamp had gone beyond that. There were collectives like photography, biking and unband. Certain participants felt that this was diluting the whole atmosphere from being a bleed-edge tech discussion forum to a milder, do-all discussion forum. So it was finally decided that we should make a Barcamp a forum to create a ecosystem where multi-disciplinary activities take place. I wish to see some new age marketing concepts being discussed in the Barcamp.

The Logo Contest is on at

Registration will be opening up in the next week so keep watching this space for more announcements.



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