Are humans the product of a skilled or an unskilled designer?

Are Humans perfect. Well the answer obviously is no. As Scott Adams would like to say "If God is so smart why so you fart". If you look carefully at the human body you would obviously marvel at the creators skills. So calling the designer unskilled is actually sad if not wrong. That would definitely be the view of a pessimist soul. But if think logically even the best of professional  fails make things perfect. So you can forgive our creator for all that is there which is not perfected. With the presently available information all I can say is that our creator is studying us. He wants to make never version of humans as he has been doing for all these years. Since humans are not perfect he will surely create something better. When is the question yet to be answered. Let see when that happens.


Sohny said…
it all depends on prespective too..

so whne u say a newer version / better version.. wat does it mean??

less talking female..
inteligent people


more cunning...

peaceful inclined??

In all of these cases there are serious repercussion for the human beings as well as the nature...
100rabh™ said…
May be a better version would have improved thinking, imagining and creation power. It will also not unnecessarily involve in petty things the way we do. It can be anything. But it will be a step ahead of whatever we are

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