Those 8 Questions - Question 6

The dictionary defines "faith" as belief without evidence. It
defines "stupidity" as unreasoned thinking. Is faith without
evidence a form of unreasoned thinking?

Seems so very obvious isn't it. But if you tell the same in case of Ram Setu, well it seems all too obvious. But amazingly this was the very thing I was trying oppose. I had talked about how important is faith for every Indian. So whats wrong with it. Well faith whatsoever it may be is something which you believe in and has not been disproved. Its not just a belief without evidence rather its a belief with no contradicting evidence or unexplained phenomenon justified by some means. Your faith in those changes as soon as you find a logical or scientific explanation. The planetary positions and sun being center of the solar system were explained differently before Galileo came up with the proof, that was faith. Yes at times when people start believing in faith without any logic or reasoning with the idea of harming someone else, thats when things go wrong. Its

good to have faith but we must make sure that we do not go over the top to justify it although it is wrong. A tough call at all times. But none the less you need to keep faith in people to use good judgement.

PS: This continues as a series of questions posed as explained here.

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