Hindu India??? Muslim Billionaire -- Bullshit

The Wall street Journal reports with this as its headline

How a Muslim Billionaire Thrives in Hindu India

Mr. Premji Has Wealth And Clout as Wipro Chief; The Imam Disapproves.

What bullshit is this. Hindu India??? Was it Mr Praveen Togaria or some stupid Hindu Fundamentalist who gave this view. India is not Hindu first of all and it was not he being Hindu or Muslim that made the difference. It was his hard work and vision that saw him make that mark in the International space. More than Mr Azim Premji I feel its former President of India APJ Abul Kalaam who is looked upon a role model than anything else. And if the report is to suggest anything, its the fact that Wipro has made its mark because of its secular policies. I dont know of any Indian Hindu billionaire who would not be secular. Although you are a pious Hindu like the Birlas building a temple in every city in India, but when you do business you cannot constrain yourself on the people front. I dont think its true. And I am not discounting some of the lesser known small home business where someone of your own will only work. Caste etc. do play a big role there. Perhaps thats the reason they never go over the top the way Wipro, Infy, Tata, Birla or Ambanis have done it. Obviously in this secular India being a single minded never works. Even the political parties have realized it and so we see BJP seeking Muslim help and BSP wooing the Brahmins and others too. Go knows when others will realize the truth. But least of all it was required from WSJ. Shame on you


Anonymous said…
We should send a mail to yaroslav.trofimov@wsj.com(the WSJ guy).

I don't understand why the entire world is behind Hindu-Muslim ?

Azim Premji is a great entrepreneur who built the Wipro empire and in one way has transformed the face of Indian IT...Where does the point about Hindu Muslim come here?

Guess what: The title of the article in ET was "Azim Premji as the world's richest MUSLIM entrepreneur" .....

-Himanshu Sheth

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