Google Webmaster Sitemaps bug

Dear Google,
I have my blog at as you can see ;-). I was looking into Google Webmaster Sitemaps. Today I found that I was not able to see more than 100 inlinks to my page.
The main page link was this

The next link was this,0,100,0,0&fwd=true

It was frustrating to see that clicking on the next link I went to the main inlinks page. For the time being I found solution as this,200,XXX,YYY,0&fwd=true

Instead of clicking on next I make my own next URL. I just change that value of XXX in multiples of 100 with YYY being 100 more than XXX and you keep going to the next page....Google boys are you listening?

After giving some thought to the problem I have realized that the reason for this kind of behavior is a silly mistake on the programmers part. But I believe that the larger problem is because of the way Google gets and displays data. No doubt I am not the best in the business, but my common sense tells me that less I expose thing to be manipulated at the client end, more secure I am. In this case I did the same manipulation as I did to make a Greasemonkey script to get to the last page of the topic in an Orkut community. The script can be found here. Your comments are invited.


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