Bangalore Bloggers Meet II

It started with the mail from Me :-).... So finally we meet on 8th Sept 07 after a lot of requests falling for the meet day to be shifted from 1st to 8th.

Here I went to see that the key organizer, Sanjukta is not there. Oh no she is late...

After a quick round of introductions AJ started the meet with what should be in the mailing list. We had a number of views.

  • AJ's suggestions was to have different mailing lists
  • Ramjee suggested that we have a forum
  • Another is that we make rules like
    • Do not publicize your own blog.
    • Make etiquettes to work with mailing list posts.
  • Himanshu's suggestion was to have a number of moderators.

Final decision

  • Have an etiquette for mailing list.
  • Make moderators if things go out of hand.


  • Only people from the mailing list those who are not having relevant blog.
  • No personal blogging
  • Only exchange of ideas.
  • No empty links

Next on Agenda, NLS meet. Ideas for what to talk about

  • Technicals
    • Pod-casting
    • Setting up a blog
    • Visitor tracking and analysis
    • Widgets
  • Ethics of blogging
  • Indian Laws relevant to blogging

One day workshop sometime later.

Why Wordpress is a bad by AJ.

  • Random changes to policies.
    • Ads included randomly.
    • Sub domains assigned to different people without informing current owners.


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