An Anthropology of Indian Chutneys

Well the Indian household as I understand makes use of four different varieties of chutneys mainly. Though there are several other variations available but as far as I know the usual ones are

  • Green Chutney or Dhaniya ki Chutney
  • Imli ki Chutney
  • Nariyal Chutney
  • Tomato Sauce(Yes the way we use it, yes you can call it chutney)

So what so special about green chutney. Well it is the spicy variety. People often(may be once in a blue moon{Big Grin}t) confuse it with chilly sauce but it is distinct from it. Unlike the sauces it cannot be preserved for long duration, or rather it is not. Another difference which might be irrelevant is that this chutney is made of dhaniya. Whats that in English. Sorry I dont know. Google and find out if you wish too. The most awesome thing of this chutney is that it adds a flavour to the snacks that you are having without actually destroying the original flavour of the snacks.

Imli ki Chutney is of the sweet variety. It adds a distinct flavour to your snacks. If its a Samosa then you ought to have it with this chutney. Its just yummy. Though the original recipe for it has been patented by the Gujjus of India but like all other pirated items it is treated as one of their own across India. They are even remixed to the local flavours.

Nariyal Chutney is a patented chutney of South India. Though North Indian believe that this chutney is meant only for the Idli and Dosas but the fact is that aboriginal South Indian have it with almost everything. Although actually its tasteless but the salt and green chilly in it make it real hot and tasty. I bet that you cannot have Idli without this chutney. Even if I lose the bet, one thing is for sure, that you will lose the taste of Idli. This chutney confirms the reason why there are so many Exclusive Piles Clinic in South India{Batting Eyelashes}.

Tomato Sauce. Well this is one of those items which are used in almost everything. There is a very good reason for that. Thats because it actually overpowers the flavour of the snack that you are having. So if you really hate some snack, your best bet is to have it with tomato sauce. You would feel as if you are only having this tomato sauce, keeping in mind that no one actually hates it.  This tomato sauce is also known at several places as Tomato Ketchup.

Other than the four mentioned above there are others like Lahsun(Garlic) ki chutney, Dhana-Mirch ki chutney and Pudine ki chutney. There well may be many other chutneys as well but they are just a variation of the ones mentioned above. So its safe to say that I have mentioned all. If you really think that I missed something please let me know in the comments below{Raised Eyebrow}. Yummmy


Anonymous said…
Bhai!!! yeh kya kar daala! jalane ki kya zarurat hai :P

one thing is for sure....without these chutnies....indian food won't be called that indian food :)

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