Cash on Delivery Parcel Scam

I recently experienced this scam first hand. I received a VPP parcel (India posts version of Cash on Delivery) for Rs 2340 at my newly registered company's address. Luckily, the postman was alert and warned me about the possibility of a scam. I refused the parcel and I guess that was the end of it. But this seems like a successful scam as my Google search revealed.

Here's how it works:
 1. You receive a VPP parcel through India Post, often labeled as containing "important documents" or "registration materials."
 2. The Cash on Delivery (COD) fee is high – Rs. 2340 – designed to pressure you into paying without checking the contents. They make enough from the ones that accept vs those who reject

What's inside?
From what I have heard they can contain the following
 1. Worthless items: Think low-value books or generic reading material.
 2. Copies of easily accessible documents: They might even include a copy of your company's registration certificate, which you can download for free from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs website.

A big shoutout to alert postmen! Their vigilance can help prevent these scams as they helped me.


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