[28th April 2024] Interesting Things I Learnt This Week

 1. Open UI :  An GenAI tool test and prototype our next generation tooling for building powerful applications on top of LLM's.

My Take: This integration is incredibly exciting! While I haven't had the chance to test it myself yet, it feels like a major leap forward in developer workflows.  I can see a future where more IDEs incorporate similar tools, eliminating the need to constantly switch back and forth to ChatGPT. This would streamline the development process and potentially lead to the creation of even more powerful developer tools.


2. New Vaccine Strategy Breakthrough :  It discusses how it could eliminate the need for yearly flu shots . The vaccine uses a modified virus that cannot suppress the host’s immune response. This allows the immune system to fight the virus using small RNA molecules . The strategy was successful in protecting mice from a lethal dose of a virus. The researchers believe this strategy could be used to create vaccines for many different viruses.  

My Take:  There's a lot of excitement surrounding this new vaccine technology! It has the potential to be just as groundbreaking as mRNA vaccines. This could significantly bring down vaccine costs, making them accessible to a wider population. However, vaccine hesitancy is a real concern.  Unfortunately, even in India, I've seen people turn against vaccinations. It's crucial that thorough testing and safety studies are conducted before this vaccine's launch. Hopefully, this transparency will help address some of the anti-vaccine movement's concerns.


3. Awesome GPT Prompts:  This repository contains a curated list of awesome prompts on OpenAI GPT store.

My Take: This repo caught my eye for the sheer number of interesting prompts they have listed but the links to other gpts as well as papers, they are listed here https://github.com/ai-boost/awesome-prompts?tab=readme-ov-file#advanced-prompt-engineering

4. Be Nice: I emphasize kindness in all my interactions, personally and professionally. Starting with urging everyone to be nice, it's even part of our code of conduct at places like DataMeet. Despite the misconception that niceness is a weakness, I've found it to be the opposite. I strictly follow the "No Asshole Rule," avoiding individuals who make others feel oppressed or humiliated. This maintains a positive environment, though I discuss it frequently due to its importance. A team of kind individuals is crucial for successful work, so I prioritize hiring based on these values. Being nice doesn't mean you'll lose; it's just an excuse for unpleasant behavior.

My Take: As I embark on this journey to build something ground up, this is a phenomenal advice for me. Talented people can sometimes lose support because they think being tough is better. Google's "Do no evil" motto is a good start, but they added "three respects" later because people just dont get it. The best work comes from collaboration, not pressure. My strongest bonds are with teammates who were kind to each other. We helped each other through tough times, and that built lasting friendships. Kindness is an underrated quality that makes a huge difference in teams.


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