Damn Small Media Player – My tiny Mp3 player for all platforms

Well building on my knowledge of WxWidgets and frustration with ever growing size of music players like Winamp or Windows Media Player, I decided that did not need those many features most of the time.

So what was that I was looking for
1. Play Mp3s
2. Have a playlists, retain it and ability to add all files to the player at once.
3. Mp3 tags are mostly useless, filenames make more sense
4. Shortcuts should be simple and also alternative global keys
5. Small size, preferably below 2MB.
6. Multi-platform code.
7. Playlist Queue

This was my priority, in no particular order, while I was designing this Mp3 player. But then I got some feedback from friends who wanted search feature as well. So there it was. All done and over. But then again most my friends and me felt that the UI sucked. Well it continues to. I am not good as styling so still looking for help from friends to make a better looking UI Happy

So now its a 716Kb file which you need to download and there you go. No installation, no setup. Its all in that 716Kb. Just download, Add mp3 files and run. You are all set to hear music.

If you are trying(development) it on Windows you will need WxWidgets library. For development you can also use wxDev-Cpp IDE . To reduce size further I have used UPX which is pretty cool and is also available for Linux too.

So how can you help ? Well I have no clue on how to write a makefile on linux. So any help in that direction is also appreciated. The code is hosted at http://code.google.com/p/dsmp/ https://github.com/the100rabh/dsmp for you to take a good look at it. The code is very simple. Well obviously I am still looking for someone to help me design a better UI with some styling.


chandan singh said…
well done... but it would be better if it supports Drag and Drop :-)
100rabh™ said…
this is one of the feature I have intentionally not added. I love it simple and not complicated
navinpai said…
Hey Great work bro...just one thing i noted:

When U add folders, it adds the tracks in a random order...how do U get it to add tracks in a alphabetical order??
100rabh™ said…
Thanks Naveen,

Well ordering by column is not implimented yet. Currently DSMP adds files in order in which is traverses your folders, which technically is DFS.

May be next time when I find time, I would implement this as well
navinpai said…
Like I said before, its great work nonetheless.....now its all abt ironing out the creases and increasing functionality, and who knows DSMP may very well be the next Winamp!!

100rabh™ said…
Hi Naveen,
thanks for your gracious comments. I guess u will have to wait for next version, I suggest that u also file it as an issue at http://code.google.com/p/dsmp/issues/list will let me remember about things to be done :)
Anonymous said…
looks promising, but until it can beat coolplayer, im sticking to it as a light mediaplayer. so far the only advantage of DSMP over coolplayer would be that its multiplatform
Anonymous said…
How do you remove files?
100rabh™ said…
Yeah multiplatform is one of the major thing I was looking for...BTW no offence meant, I tried cool player but it was not something I really liked.

To delete, just selected and press delete button on ur keyboard. I dont believe in adding another button to clutter the interface for this :-)
Master Doh-San said…
This all sounds very nice, but where does one d/l it???
100rabh™ said…
@Master Doh-San

You can download it from http://code.google.com/p/dsmp/
Pratik Anand said…
Thats gr8.... You have really made a great thing...just install and play..though it is taking much time to open..kindly look at that issue..

Moreover, I am also involved in something similar..


its my media player in c++ using Qt 4.5..

i think u will be able to give me proper advice in improving it further..
TwinklePet said…
OK, I was looking for a decent tunage solution because I am so over committing quadratic equations on foobar to make it do anything remotely interesting.

Windows more than fills my bloat-and-crashware needs, so I was only auditioning the most petite candidates.

I lined up Billy, foobar, 1by1, & DSMP, and played the same song in each player a few times.

Every time, the sound on your dsmp player sliced up the other 3 and had a sandwich.

So I tried it again. I made sure I had the ones that had any output variables like dsp or whatever all cranked up to get the best sound I could, played the same song on them all, and dsmp made itself another sandwich.

Maybe it's me, I thought. Something isn't right, because this thing doesn't have any features. And most of those variables and plugins and things that are supposed to make better sound are psychological anyway, because all players sound pretty much the same. So I probably just think yours sounds better because the planetary alignment has an attitude today or it's hormones or something.

So I seized 3 random earth residents, on 3 different occasions, put them in an adjoining room, and played the same song on each of the 4 players.

Your player politely offered each earth resident a bite of its sandwich.

This is just wrong on so many levels.

Not only is it devoid of features or anything to configure, there aren't any plugins or addons or settings at all.

Dude, it's not even skinnable!

It is totally uncute!

Look, I don't know what you did to it to make it sound so much epically better than those other players, but since you did, which means I now have to use it, could you PLEASE have the decency to at least make the next version pink?

Thank you.
Unknown said…
Real nice player, perfect for me, I just put my entire music folder in as a playlist and click random, couldn't get any better.
100rabh™ said…
I am glad you liked it Robin :-)
DesignPlanet said…
It would be very handy to be able to create multiple playlists. I don't always enjoy the same music... also, the volume handler could be a little bigger, I know, small... but this is almost... to small! ;) Anyway, the rest is just very cool and handy. Not to much nonsense what nobody ever uses! A small question, I can not use my keyboard's function keys, that would be great, to use them as in the wmp and such, is that also possible?
100rabh™ said…

You can have save multiple playlists and load them as and when u want them.

Yeah I understand that the volume button is bit small, I will change that in the next release.

Previous(Ctrl+Alt+Z), Play/Pause(Ctrl+Alt+X), Stop(Ctrl+Alt+C) and Next(Ctrl+Alt+V)

are for direct keyboard access. Hope you find it useful.
Hey, i found your music player amazing. I wanted to create something similar to for my college project, can you please suggest how to implement the code or share the code file?
100rabh™ said…
Its all here https://github.com/the100rabh/dsmp

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