The Retirement fund

I saw this amazing headlines from Economic Times, 70% Indians worry about outliving retirement funds. Well my first reaction was "Oh my God"Worried. Most Indians would be unable to sustain themselves once they have retired. More likely they would kill themselves or die of hunger or may need government support. But then I read the fine print there. Well its a survey by MetLife. They sure do see a big market with 70% Indians not having retirement funds. But then another truth is that 50% Indians do not have funds for the next month too. Most of them survive on a daily basis. Mind it survive not live. Then again there is still a large majority who do not invest in retirement funds.

Well that reminds me of people like my dad. He has no retirement funds. But then he does not need it either, just like my grand father. He did not need it. My dad is there after all to support him since he has retired long time back. Obviously same applies to my dad of course.

The truth also is that you invest for your life. Infact what I believe is that one should never plan to retire. Thats the most scariest thought. I know that the cost of retiring and other fundas like that. But frankly those are for loosers and ofcourse the companies marketing these Insurance plans and likes.

Will the media please refrain from giving news with such misleading and misguiding news. These work well in scaring the people and add no value to their newspaper. A paper like Economic Times is expected to add value and not filth. Is the media listening?


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