Awesome selling/fooling style

Well I had been to Calcutta for a few days and am back. On the trip I came across some amazing things. This is the most awesome one. At Vijaywada railway station, there are a few juice stalls. Awesome thing but heres the amazing part. But they are cannot serve all customers with fresh juice . So keep juice made from fruits in a container. But the customers want fresh juice. They have devised this unique plan. They pour juice from containers to mixer jars, give it a run and serve. The unsuspecting customers believe thats its freshly prepared and are taken for a ride. This is observed not only in the unknown stalls but also at the Comesun outlet. They all talk about selling fresh fruit juice. Well technically they are right. They are selling juice from fresh fruits but then this is an awesome art of selling or fooling. Now days theres even a better term for it, presentation skills. Obviously marketing and advertisements are out now


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