Thoughts on love and likes

Sometimes I wondered if there is anything called love. To put it plainly till I was in college I had this firm belief that love is not in the heart but in the mind. Being in love with the hottie in college was the passion and pride of most ppl. Though ur stupid as a dunk or having looks of Pankaj Kapoor(Apologies to Mr Kapoor but thats a good description) but you will never settle for anything but Aishwarya. They put everything at stake for her. Fight off guy who comes within 10m of her. But then when they realized that the girl has gone the other way, the guys would desperately hunt for a gal. Be it of any type or taste. Having a gal takes a high priority rather than any of the features of the gal. Then you would commit yourself to spend 99.99% of you telephone bill on SMSing her. Better still, hunt for a free SMS plan. Change numbers to get that plan. Picking and dropping the gal home becomes a top priority. The guy would also probably write/engrave on his arm the name of his 'supposed' love only for the girl to respond by saying, 'Spelling mistake". And by the end of the semester the guy will go around with someone else and the gal too would switch to someone else. If the guy is not ready to accept the change in life, all hell would break loose. Examples are Vivek and Salman bash. Fights become a norm and ridiculously stupid. Now is that really love?

Another old timers Bollywood masala story. Guy and gal in complete love with each other but the villain parents against it. So called lovers run away to start a life of their own. Leaving their entire family which perhaps 'loved' them very much. Is this love with spouse more than the love for parents who have cared for you for the last XX years(where X at least > 1). One love kills all other love.

On the contrary if the one of the lover decides to believe that dumping parents for their love is stupid. That person can take it for granted to be looser. That guy did not have guts to walk on the path of love and similar comments would be showered on that person.

Some people talk about love being sacrifices. Now thats something interesting. You would sacrifice anything for love. You would not kill your love if he/she goes for someone else like SRK in Darr(you can basically take examples from 'n' number of movies). You would just drown yourself in alcohol like the lover boy Devdas(SRK or Dilip Kumar, your choice). You can also continue your life as if nothing happened. Your hunt for true love continues until next time.

I would take the above example in a slightly different scenario. You go to this amazing place. You happen to see a really beautiful girl. You 'believe' you are in 'true love' with this girl. She is alone with her friends who in turn are with their 'loves'. Now would you go approach this gal and she just bumps you off. Would pestering her be true love or just leaving her? In case you said pestering, you are close to sexual harassment case. I wonder why it would not be 'true love' when you decide not trouble your 'love'.

So friends let me know where is love in all this. I believe that I love my parents a lot. But then this MTV defined love is always related to romance and D&P. Nothing more than that. Reading/watching any of those love guides I dont think can teach you anything. I wonder what love actually is but love is a mystery since ages and philosophy is yet to come anything but closer to define it.


Biswajit said…
In order to understand love one must understand what is self/Atma.

Its not a physical/tengible entity so our mind have difficulty in understanding. similar to the way you will have dificulty explaining the term 'software' to a person who is computer illiterate

Truth/Trust and Love these three things comes from True self. Unlike all other characteristics menifested in mind these are not dual in nature.

These are not effected by Logic. These are as they are, always remains, always existing. however they are covered by dual natures (ego, logic, worldly knowledge etc) of the mind.

The way source of light can be a Mirror an electric light as well as Sun.

reflective/converted/true are the three terms that can describe these.

Similarly some of our love is refletive/converted and some are true (Mothers love for children, your love for your parents)

Love for opposite sex can be of any of these form depending on the teh person who falls in love.

It can be Reflective
Converted (lust, sex, etc) in the form of Love. or it can be true as well (beyond the boundaries of relationship)

Check this out, A story I had written long back, related to this.
Puja said…
So, thats something about love in the past.. what do you think about it now? Any updates?? Maybe, you could tell me in person :)

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