Mobiles in the era of IBM PC compatible predawn age

A lot has been said and done about mobile phones of today. iPhone has brought a brand new concept in phones. It really moves the mobiles to the mainstream to do things other than talking. Just when things seemed bright for the mobiles we have Mr Jobs giving out a big MSish rules for development of Apps. I am not sure of its real usage. Probably he wants to protect iPhone from viruses, but then destroyers dont wait for a legal or easy means. They will find a way out anyways.

The hardware for mobiles available is sadly built and around it software just manages things somehow. I see this as what happened to IBM PCs. They gave way to PC Compatibles with MS making a killing out of it. Even now its because of this that we had such a boom in PCs, atleast in India. It was this parallel development which actually boosted usage. If there is a corporation today which does something similar to what Intel, MS and others did together to kill the mafia of Apple and IBM. I am sure had it been then only, most application would not have had seen the light of today. Thats why I am placing my bets on Open Moko and Android Platforms. I hope they do something to free up the platform. As far as chip manufacturers like TI and Infineon are concerned its better that they realize they are better off acting on the Intels paths and freeing mobiles from the clutches of limited set of manufacturers. The onus lies on the chip makers to make a killing by supporting an open mobile platform of sorts.

It would be great if we have an option to have a basic cellphone and then we can add other accessories like a good processor, memory, SSD and 'n' other things as the user wants. These addons should be open that is to say that any manufacturer can choose to have their device available for the platform, just like on PC. Once this kind of project is announced it will take the developer community by storm and even if the start is a little uncool like initial PCs with DOS, I am sure it will soon take a lot less time to make Vista like jhingalala on the cell phone. I dont know if some mobile phones cos like Nokia or Sony Ericsson or Motorola will take advantage of the situation and open up the platform. I wish they do. If they are able to match near the iPhone I am sure developers around the world will surely make an application beyond the imagination today.

Until that happens, I am happy with the cell phone which is just enough to make and receive calls and my dream phone still remains a dream.


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