The Real Story Behind Baglihar Verdict and Pakistani Reactions

The world awaited the verdict for the Baglihar Dam. Finally it was out. Andas soon as it was out, we had Pakistani reactions. They termed this their victory. Three of their proposals were considered valid by the Neutral Committee. Here was the twist,. a day later we have Indian government officials were shouting on top of their lungs that it was a WIN-WIN for all (Straight from Stefen Covey's Bad Habits). Now how is that possible. This was supposed to be a war. In a war either its Win-Lose or Lose-Lose. Not the other way round as the Indians were claiming. So said the Pak Media. Next what you heard was this. Pakistan government backs out.. Now how is that possible. Still wondering.

Heres the real story. What happened was that the Indian claims were absolutely correct in all respects. But Indians doing something good did not go down well with the Pakistan government. So you has this new problem coming up. The World Bank's Neutral Committee was formed. It was evaluating the Indian proposal and the Pakistani objects. Pakistanis having lost most of the cricket matches to India did not want defeat for one more time. So they tried to influence the people in the Committee. They almost got through this. Just in time the RAW got the wind of this operation. Indian government promptly took counter measures. They made sure that influence was ruled out. Instead of using the Paki afeem or ganja they took the Cobra Post way. They had all the scandals of the gentlemen in video. Now the only option left for those poor neutral people was to give in to India. So they did. They informed the Pakis that 3 of their important proposals were being upheld. For the rest they did not have sufficient cause. As soon as the report was out the Minister just could not control his victorious emotions and gave the press conference hailing the report as Paki victory. Probably right that was what was meant by Paki victory, defeat in the hands of Indian. Just like Mahishasura and other demons like death at the hands of some great Gods. And the Indian counterpart were laughing all the way. They carefully gave the reaction later after laughing and studying the report carefully.

All of above is the creation of my imagination. There is no similarity to people or place, living or dead. If there is any, it be considered a coincidence.


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