Man mummified watching TV -- The Indian perspective

There was this story of an elderly gentleman having died of natural causes.
Nothing of much importance except the fact that the world came to know of his
death after almost 12 months. He still was watching the TV in full volume as he
was in moments before he died. Amazingly nobody noticed it. The main culprit was
the weather. The environment was just right to not allow the body to decompose
It seems that the electricity people too were at fault for it and an
investigation has been promptly launched in the matter. You must be wondering
why. Well the reason is that how can someone continue to get electricity when he
has not paid his bills for a long time. In this case for over a year. Well this
is not what I am writing this post.

Actually I was wondering that if this incident would have had happen in
India. While my grey cells worked over it. It came up with some interesting

  1. Say instead of watching TV he would be trying to call someone - Now
    picture this, the police enter his room. They see that he is looking down at
    his cell phone. He was trying to call someone. But the call is not going. The
    cell is set to auto-redial. The persons cell was a lifetime prepaid one. And service
    provider is Hutch. The network is following, not the cell but the user

  2. Option two would be holding his first pension letter. The persons age is
    70 and he just expired the day he got his first pension letter. Right after 10
    years of retirement. The excitement took his life. Though the police would
    recover the pension cheques for the next 12 months in his mails.

  3. Ditto can be the case for Income tax refund. Poor guys could not even get
    it, I think this is what is meant by 'Haath to aaye, mooh na laga'.

  4. May be he would be infront of his comp and would had been posting some
    useless scraps. When he dies, his body lies in a manner such that the keyboard
    continues to generate some useless scraps. It would be like really too much

I know this post is gross. And I have reasons to believe that it will never
happen in India. The only thing India has is its close knit culture. Its not
dead. The popularity of orkut is enough to justify my statement.


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