Taming of a Kangaroo

A win in Australia could not be better timed. It was indeed a terrific win, but not without controversial umpiring decisions which went the India way. But surely the umpires did not ask the Captain for judgement. Seems like the Indian Mind games have finally worked. They forced the aggressive and abusive Aussies in the shell. From arrogant to subdued, Ponting and his team made good move. This is what Aussie media Courier Mail has to say

"Remember that scene in one of the Rocky movies where Rocky's trainer tells him he's no longer feared by his opponents?
'Kid,' he says, 'the worst thing that could happen to a fighter happened to you. You got civilised.'"

"In the space of a week the Australians got civilised...So instead of a confident, arrogant, winning team, we get a nice, civilised one. Maybe a losing one,"

"They should share their pay cheques with their bullying officials back home, the weak-kneed administrators at the International Cricket Council and certain members of the media who have taken every opportunity to put the knife into the Aussies since this series began."

"Ricky Ponting and his team walked out for the first day at the WACA promising to play nice. They made a public commitment to bend over backwards to make their visitors feel right at home."


Sure the Sydney test did make the Pointing & Co run for corner. It was made clear that any kind of verbal volleys would be dealt with severely. So one of weapons of Ponting & Co was laid to rest for good.

But man seems like civilized life is a kind of past in Australia. Cricket for them is a war and not a gentlemen's game. Seems demise of Don Bradman has put an end to all that spirit. Now if Aussies loose its an accident and if they win its their birthright. I know its hard for people to understand that not everyone is winner in a match. But playing fair is the most important thing, at which Aussies faired badly at the Sydney Test. At Perth India did the right thing, all the while.

End of it, it seems like the Anglo-Aussie rivalry is closing in on its end and Indo-Aussie rivalry is taking shape. This time around media is also locking horns. So game is not between twenty two players but the media is there too.


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