Amazing Bombay Trip

Now you would be thinking, why Bombay not Mumbai. Well, there is no rocket science or rock solid logic behind it. Its just that I find it easier to connect to Bombay rather than Mumbai and as Shakespeare said it, "Whats in the name". Anyways some of the rather amazing observations of mine in Bombay recently were

  • If Mumbai can have such an amazing running traffic, there is something for the Bangaloreans to learn about. Its not that distances have reduced or the traffic. It takes a hell lot of time to go from one place to another. But the point here is that we are still able to. If Bombay has grown as the rest of India(Bangalore included) then I am sure there is something in it which makes the traffic move. Otherwise we would have had been stuck in traffic like we do at the KR Puram Bridge or MG Road or Silk Board.
  • There were more hoarding for IPOs and Mutual Funds than everything else taken together. I could not believe that there are so many IPOs in the offering. It was just a like going through one of those online trading portal while we moved through the Bombay traffic. Is this the reason why Bombay is called the Financial Capital of India?
  • There is hope of Indian Airlines. I went to Mumbai by Go Air. I believe me it just about beats Air Dhakkan in almost every department. Its planes are just horrible, both technically as well as internal seating comfort wise. Service at all counter is the worst that can be expected. The staff rivals the government clerk in anywhere in India in its attitude. While on the way back I had no choice but to go for Indian Airlines(Indian). To my surprise I found that even after paying the least of available prices, I was getting a real good service. Right from getting a duplicate ticket printed to everything. The staff in the place were really courteous and the plane is definitely more comfy than the regular budget airlines. The breakfast was really nice compared to whatever being served in any other airlines. I think next time around, if the prices are not all that high, I would really prefer Indian to any other(Except KF ofcourse, because I have never been on that yet). The bottom-line is that if Go Air can survive, I am sure it should not be hard for execs to turn around Indian.
  • I had the unfortunate time in Mumbai with visits to the chemist twice in three days. Each time I found something really weird. Each time, I was there,there was at least 1 guy asking i-pill. First time I just did not cared the hell about that. But when it happened the second time and that too, there were two guys, I thought, "Man the guys and gals in Mumbai are sure horny". Suddenly humor in me responded.
    What would a gal just too nervous about the wild sex last night converse with here friend. Gal1: I had a wild sex last night.
    Gal2: Take a  chill pill, have an i-pill.

    Amitabh and Shashi Kapoor in i-Deewar
    Amitabh : Mere paas bangala hai gaadi hai, ipod hai, imac hai. Tumhare paas kya hai
    Shashi : Mere pass i-pill hai.

Anyways I had a nice time in Bombay. Now am back in Bangalore. Next post, Racist and diabolical Aussies.


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