A New Angle to the Communal Agenda

As if reservation for OBCs and SC/ST in all premier institutions was not enough we now have, special package for districts which has greater Muslim population. Great going 'Secular' Congress. If Gujrat and Himachal elections are any pointer then, I have some hope left. May be now poor will be treated as poor, rather than an SC/ST, OBC or muslim poor. Really does poor have any religion or caste for that matter. That boy in the street who is picking waste from bins have any religion at all.

Then all that is old. The latest being a JITO(Jain International Trade Organisation). I dont know if they will win or loose handsomely. One thing is clear, religion is a big pawn for all. I being a Jain have special hatered towards this particular organisation. This institution to me is yet another farce like the 'secular' Congress. It seems like brain child of some troubled individuals who are unable to gather momentum at existing trade platforms. First let me point at its objectives.

    • Create Jain managed knowledge Institutions and Value Based Education.
    • Growth in business by mutual cooperation, avoidance of criticism and opposition-'Ekta se Safalta'
    • To channelize united and systematic efforts towards creating a bright future for the youth and establish an employment exchange

Now, what has a trade organisation to do with 'knowledge Institutions and Value Based Education'. Icing on the cake is 'Jain managed'. I seriously dont know what to make out of it.

'Ekta se Safalta'.Seems like some new mantra. Instead of being righteous, these guys plan to make a killing together. There goes teachings of Mahavira down to money hole.

I think this is one of the better part of the mission statement. At least they have something to do. But is it really that tough a job that even in the second year of its offing it still has it in the objectives.

If all that was not enough, let me quote you some points from Time of India.

Stressing on Jain unity, he(JITO President Hemant Shah) appealed that the Jains should overcome obstacles that may come in the way of their unity, under the banner of JITO

Does not that remind you of Pravin Togaria. I seriously dont understand the meaning of it. All Jains who have come up in life(Including Indu Jain, head of Times of India group) have done so with their own effort. Now where does the point of unity and JITO come into picture.

When you have greats like Rasiklal Dhariwal to add glitter to the moment, world is actually for Unche Log. If you have forgotten about the legend, let me introduce him to you. He is the famous owner of Manikchand brand Gutka(A killer combination of tobacco which rivals only cigarettes in killing youths). A few years back he gifted Maybach to his daughter among great fanfare. Later he had to avoid riding it because of CBI. More details can found here on Google.

Mr. Kawar(One of the founders of JITO) said that concept of the civil services examination training centre with 32 trustees, each contributing 1.5 crores. Guess what has this to do with a Trade Organisation. I dont know.

I am now very clear with myself that I will never be part of any organisation like this. This will only lead to more communal discord among people. Jain is not like Christianity or other religion. Interestingly most deities worshiped in Hinduism also find mention in Jainism. Although sometimes in a slightly different shade. But shade does not change the truth. So I believe, Jainism like Buddhists, Vaishanavs and Shiv Bhakts are one more sect of people. All living is harmony since centuries.It was only in the last few centuries that the new belief has been put in place. We Indians have the habit of forgetting things very soon. But the fact is when you are doing something social like business or job or education, why should there be something in the name of religion. I am just waiting for some of these crooks to start chanting reservation for Jains too.

Please Note: I am Jain too.


Ragamalika said…
Reservation is the worst thing to have continued beyond the first 10 years of Independence. Mayawati seems to have realised that caste based reservations aren't going to get her anywhere... High time other vote-bank hogs realise it too...
100rabh™ said…
More than votebanks its the ppl who should realise the truth....They should realise that its best in their interest if they leave religion and caste away from their social life. Faith should free you from vice, nothing else.
Ragamalika said…
It is easy for you and me to leave caste and religion behind, but what about those who have been brought up to believe that their identity is that of their caste or religion? All this doesn't really matter in Urban India, but in the rural areas, there is still discrimination of you and me based on what caste we belong to.
Ragamalika said…
I meant its easier for urban India than for rural India... I'm not saying it doesn't exist
Surendran said…
well said bro.
if everybody can realize the vote bank politics, the elected ones would work for the true cause.
to prevent people from realizing it, the contestants use one weapon after another.
it is not unity they are really wanting but division from the larger scenario so that the vote share stands divided and they can negotiate it with the highest bidder. "divide and rule"
100rabh™ said…
thanks bro....good to see like minded people
Simpleton said…
I urge you make a sincere effort to understand JITO. Every principle in life is acheived outside in, you start cleaning your external practices and then your inner self. My independent opinion is that JITO is doing exactly the same. While we cannot leave our businesses and occupation to serve the community at large we can atleast ensure best practices here. The logic given by the revered Sadhu Sri Nayapadmasagarji is that if people with bad intentions can unite to create institutions like mass slaughter houses, giving subsidies to poultry farming etc, why cannot good people unite for good cause. That is exactly what JITO is doing. It is a fact that Jainism is not just a religion but a scientific way of living with maximum care to the environment in which we exist. It is also a fact that Jains and their principles are ignored by policy makers just because we are in a minority and are unable to show our strength. JITO wishes to utilise the economic strength of the community to achieve this. As far as Mr Dhariwal is concerned, I share your concerns, but you need to first involve people in order to change them. I am sure you had heard that Acharya Hirsuri had gone to Agra to enlighten Akbar without any pre-conditions. Change does not take place in a day, but our patience should help. Let me mention that I am no office bearer of JITO but a great admirer of it. I would urge you to be a part of the process and strengthen it. Lastly Jain religion is one of the most secular religions as it is not a religion endowed on some one who embraces it or by birth, it only preaches practicing certain principles that are best suited to the environment, hence any Jain organisation can never be communal.

For anything that may have hurt you , I beg pardon : Michchhami Dukkadam
100rabh™ said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
100rabh™ said…
Shreyas, you sure are entitled to your opinion but the fact is that all my concerns are unaddressed by whatever means I can think of. Just because there are people doing things in a similar manner to achieve something bad does not give us any rights to follow the same path. Though intentions of Sadhu Sri Nayapadmasagarji may be correct but using vehicles like JITO or Jain Doctors or Jain Advocates etc. is definitely wrong. What should have been done is a Manavseva Organisation not JITO if at all. And I wonder what power do you want to demonstrate. True Power comes from supporting right things not from huge gatherings.

Your comparison of Mr Dhariwal and Akbar is incomprehensible for me. A businessman like Mr Dhariwal is being presented as an emulative figure(being a chief guest) is definitely wrong.

As far as being communal is concerned, it only means bringing religion into places which are totally unreligious and purely personal like being a doctor, engineer or a businessman. JITO is doing that just fine.

I am sorry but I am not hurt, I am rather astonished at your thoughts. I am sure you have not understood the theme which this post carries and the manner in which the ideas of Sadhu Sri Nayapadmasagarji is being realized.

Good thoughts are nothing unless they are met with a nicer execution.

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