Munnabhai Fail ho Gaya

Munnabhai before meeting with Bapu had a magical hug or 'Jaadu ki Jhappi'. It created a magic on screen in his part one. Then there was also the Free Hugs campaign in Kangarooland. This speed its wings across the world. But one place was just so insensitive to accept this. Guess what where is the resistance coming from. It the censored place called China You are not supposed to hug anyone. Else you might be jailed. The reason is not very different from the usual comments from Mr. Balasaheb Thakrey or from the VHP and RSS bigheads. So my friends if next time you are in China remember hugging or pissing in public. It’s all banned in China. Munnabhai bad news for you, No more Chinese version of ur MBBS edition. Vidhu Vinod Chopra are you listening


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