Indian or Universal Male Behavior ??

Guys I just came across this amazing blog. This guy talks about a high tech urinal which will go underground for the day time and come out when required. But thats not what I am blogging about. Its about the supposed Indian only male behavior that they just urinate anywhere and everywher. But as you can see in the video link on the blog that it happens elsewhere too. And only the males do it and not females (or so the video says). Females instead go in search of a proper toilet. Wow...That relieves of the thought that it’s not an 'Indians only' behavior. It’s Universal. This also leads to modify this old joke
Democratic difference between India and Canada: You can piss in public India but not Canada.....But You cannot kiss in public India but in Canada
So the new joke is like this

Similarity between Indian and Canada : Males want to kiss and piss in Public although it may not be allowed.
Sad one but OK enjoy!!!


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