[March 17] Interesting Things I Learnt This Week

1. Local Send Logo LocalSend : On its website explains what it is, in a minimalist way with just two lines written there

Share files to nearby devices.
Free, open-source, cross-platform.

This is all this product does

My Take: This is an incredible app which works across different platforms. I tried it on Android and Linux and my experience was super boring, which is great. This process there is always a market for simple products which just work. I hope this app becomes like VLC player which is another great open source software which just works across different platforms.

2. Arduino GIGA R1 WiFi : A 3.6kW, Arduino controlled, single-axis tracking, ground mount solar system

 My Take: Amazing work and all of it is open source. I guess anyone working to setup solar panels should look into this for better efficiency. 

3. Oxygen Production at Europa : NASA's Juno mission has found that the ice-covered Jovian moon generates 1,000 tons of oxygen every 24 hours – enough to keep a million humans breathing for a day.

My Take: This is incredible news, being able to support a million humans with no terra forming opens a million possibilities. Nerd in me is excited about the news and also how NASA is able to determine this.


4. Quantum Teleportation Janna Levin, for Quanta magazine  interviews the theoretical physicist John Preskill about teleporting bits and the promise of quantum technology. 

My Take: This is a theoretical physics which is inching towards practical implementation. Though it may be decades away but having zero or near zero latency for information transfer across any distance in space seems incredibly exciting. Imagine if Voyager 1 or 2 space craft which currently has a round-trip latency of over 40 hours could be reduced to near zero. Seems like out of science fiction but then dreams do become reality sometimes. This seems very much plausible now. 


Akash Bothra said…
This was an amazing read! Really excited about the findings on the production of oxygen. This can really have amazing avenues opened up for future.

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