The most brilliant of Phishing mail

The follwing mail just landed on my inbox spam folder(thanks to Google). I could not resist but laugh at the infinite stupidity hidden in the phishing mail. I wonder how much more stupid the person who falls into that trap has to be.

Subject:  Confirm your ip address

Dear Value Customer,

True our promise to keep your HDFC netbanking account safe and secure from fraudsters,
our online security team has discovered some foreign ip Log Ons to your account from the
following IPs : 812.164.72.212 ,,
Due to this,your netbanking has been blocked for your safety until you confirm your IP address .

Click here to confirm your Ip.
Please understand that this is a new security measure brought into
HDFC Netbanking for the security of your internet banking activities.

Best Regards.
The HDFC Netbanking Security Department Team.
© 2008 HDFC Bank Ltd. All rights reserved.

Ok Now that you have read it let me give you some amazing insights

1. Confirm my IP Address. D00d since when did I have a static IP Address.

2. Have a look at the examples of IP Addresses. 812.164.72.212. Awesome, I never knew we have IPV6 already implemented. I was thinking all this while that I was stuck with being the highest IP Address possible(though not really). This IP has to be some foreign or alien origin. :-P

3.netbanking has been blocked until I confirm the IP Address. I dont get it, my IP Address changes at each logon anyways :-)

4. “© 2008 HDFC Bank Ltd. All rights reserved.” ??? well this is 2010 isnt it?? Just wondering what rights have been reserved.

5. More importantly, I dont have an HDFC Bank account :-P


| Balu | said…
Ha ha this deserves to be on fail blog for all the reasons you stated =D
Anonymous said…
what you fail to realise is that the "obvious" might not be so with nearly 70% net users [incl. your mum and dad perhaps]
100rabh™ said…
yeah the obvious like, not having an HDFC Account :-)
Technologers said…
sahi me ...cracker are cracker...

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