iPhone or Openmoko

Well as I had been following mobile phones. What I have found is that actually there are just two worthy competitors. Rest are just like that. One is iPhone and other is Openmoko. Well iPhone because it has the glory. It has the backing of Apple and support of Steve Jobs behind it. But there is none of that sort for Openmoko. But it has the guts. Its has probably what it takes to make a real revolution. Just making a phone with a bigger screen and touch sensitive does not make revolutions happen Mr Jobs. The best part of the Openmoko phone is that its open. And surprising its priced at $399 and in India its around Rs 20k. Not bad for the phone which has Assisted GPS, WiFi, touch screen, bluetooth, microSD Card support and powerful 500Mhz Processor. To top it all, a user replaceable battery. 

Well the only blemish that I am able to spot is the internal memory. Its a mere 256 MB. Though I can carry all the data in my SDCard but then its not the most convenient way to do things.

Anyways with its killer price(Unlock iPhone reportedly costs $599) it sure makes people think. With no restrictions, I can run apps to my hearts content. I am sure of some amazing applications coming for Openmoko, just because its so much more  developer friendly. No contracts, no iTunes, just fun. I am sure if Apple could, it would have allowed software downloads only through iTunes. Infact I feel very soon it will be a reality for snobby rich Apple fanatics.

In the end it will the people power which will rule. The flexibility is what is going to make a killer app and  mobiles are yet to witness them. And for geeks like me its cooler to have developer friendly phone.


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