Reasons to why we are here

This is one of those days when I am doing that I do best. Sleep. Having slept something like 17 hours of the past 24 and its the clock is yet to strike 12. It just popped in my head. Nothing much it was just a question. Y am I doing what I am doing. I can just sleep all day long and night we anyways are supposed to(Unless you are one of those unfortunate souls who have to be in a BPO for US) . Why do I struggle hard to prove myself. Why do I do what I do. I am a software engineer by day. Why should I really do it. One of those real hard questions which all those smart guys purposely do not answer in a manner that would otherwise be understandable to normal humans. Actually the preachers hardly follow what they preach. I know I am going to have a series of blogs on this issue. but lets start from this one

First of all lets take all relegions, and the scientific theories how we are here.
According to Jesus or say Bible its the Gods creation. But then why the hell did he let things go out of control. Why did he have to send all to earth and suffer. Does he enjoy seeing all that. Why did he need Jesus to teach foolish humans withdrawn from the right path. He could have just make a public announcement of sort which I am sure he is capable of. There seems something seriously wrong in this theory.
According to Hinduism, Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh are the creators, generators and destroyers of this earthly world. But then why are they doing it. Dont they get bored of it. But then who created them. Why did he want them to act in this weird manner. Only to say anything I do was planned by someone else. Wait I am getting confused. Things are sure pretty messy in this theory also.
According to Jainism, we are in an endless cycle of life and death and the ultimate goal of every human is to become free of bonds of karma. Now it is also better that we have to do good deeds to get out of the mess of karma. But then who the hell is keeping track of all that and why does he keep creating newer souls each day. Why does he have to pain so many souls each day. Is it some sort of video game to him. I dont know all that.

This is all for the day. I will be back with more info and thoughts after a nice sleep.


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