Bar Camp Bangalore --- Come bar bar

Bar Camp!! Sadly as the name suggests its nothing to do with the liquor bar...but rather it gives you an high of a different kind. You actually get to rub the shoulders with the next big things of the tech world. For a techocrastic person like me thats enough. It was an awesome place to be in for a perfect weekend. And believe me guys I actually lived my college time. It the same atmosphere..similar people..and people who have taken the big step forward. Well this being a collectives edition had people with interest in similar topics sitting together wherever they found, classroom, corridor, hallway, lawn or the amphitheater. It was like, You want it you have it. This time had a lot of insights into a lot of topics that I attended. A full post on each thought of mine is on the way. So watch out.

I being in a transition from one job to another went there with an open mind. I was interested in startups and some new stuff that others are into. And I was not disappointed. I wanted to know more about the blogging world and meet more Bloggers. Again I was not disapointed. Bonus for me were Biking(Cycling) and photography collectives. I met a lot of people and got new insights into "How the Boys do it". More on that and others in forthcoming posts. Thats it for now

Some others who blogged

Some Live Bloggers
  1. Dhempe on LJ
  2. Kiruba
  3. Thejesh GN
  4. Swaminathan
  5. Jerry
  6. Vinu - moi flickr
  7. Alagu
Live Broadcasts
  1. ustream
  2. blogtv
Anyways a critical analysis of the talk that went in BCB4 would right here keep watching this space.


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